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SOUNDS OF HATRED serves 12 brand new tracks which are more diverse than ever. Sean and Mike (both on vocals) really sound different and battle it out on the raging songs. The music contains some surprises and the album contains awesome guest appearances by: Jorge (Merauder/Akani), Craig Ahaid (Sick Of It All), Bob Riley (Stigmata/ Murderers Row), Dominik Hadek (Companion), Keith (G.F.Y.), Jay Sarge (Moment Of Truth), Marko Stockl (Live Life), Daniel Moser/Rene Kazda (In The Cage), & Richie 4 Fingaz (Unspoken Themes).

Released by: WTF Records, Crowd Control Media, From The Heart Records and Spook Records

1) Six Feet Deep (3mn 6s) 
2) All In Me (2mn 48s) 
3) We Don't Need You (1mn 46s) 
4) Enemy Within (2mn 44s) 
5) Blinded (2mn 2s) 
6) La Familia (2mn 26s) 
7) Never Fade Away (2mn 16s) 
8) Time To Prove (2mn 6s) 
9) Won't Break Free (3mn 27s) 
10) You Ain't Lived It (3mn 6s) 
11) No Approach (2mn 12s) 
12) Thin Ice (3mn 31s)

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