Race Riot 59 - Punk Rock Gang 12" Vinyl / Cassette CCM LP

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CCM - 050

Race Riot 59's 2nd LP, "Punk Rock Gang" picks up were the Smash Nazis collection ended. This LP contains the following E.P's, "Menace To Society", "Banned in Cleveland" and the brand new "Punk Rock Gang"!

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Vinyl in early September!

Track Listing

  1. Invanders
  2. Born To Be Your Enemy
  3. No Hope
  4. War Party
  5. Inmate
  6. Guilty As Charged
  7. Menace to Society
  8. No Peace
  9. Violent Vacation
  10. Punk Rock Gang
  11. Banned In Cleveland
  12. I Don't Fuck With Cops... But Cops Fuck WIth Me
  13. The Lost One

Pressing Information

100 x Classic black 
400 x Highlighter Yellow

100 X Cassette Tape