Oi! The Tape Vol 1 Vinyl Bootleg CCM LP

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Oi! The Tape Vol 1 Vinyl BootlegCCM - 062

You loved Oi! the Tape Vol 1? Of course you did. Now pick up the Vinyl Bootleg.. all tracks on LP are exclusive to the release! Includes Digital Download of entire Compilation (not just the LP Tracks) and bootleg insert!

Track Listing

  1. The Old Breed - Disenfranchised
  2. The Hardknocks - Ten Hole Bootparty
  3. Wartribe - Beware
  4. The Fighting 48th - Spitting Nails and Sipping Whiskey
  5. Charles Brigade - Middle Class Man
  6. The Short-Timers - ADCK
  7. Degeneration - I Hate Your Mustache
  8. Bad Assets - I Don't Wanna Work Today
  9. Footsoldier - Bitches Ain't Shit
  10. Wolf Bites Boy - Working For The Man
  11. The Young Idea - I Wanna Live (Ramones)
  12. Ramblin' Firm - Rhum Cafe
  13. The Warlords - Revolution Now
  14. The Butchers - The Beginning Of The End (Cockney Rejects)
  15. Wartribe - They'll Say Anything

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