v/a - Oi! Ain't Dead 5 - USA Attack! LP DISTRO LP

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This time around we go to the land of the free and the home of the brave, for an all-out “U.S.A. Attack!” with legendary names like Agnostic Front and Rancid, plus the cream of the crop of American bands in the current Rebellion Records roster like Concrete Elite, Live By The Sword, Hard Evidence*, DDC, Oxley’s Midnight Runners and No Resistance!

Side A: 
01. Agnostic Front – Iron Chin 
02. Rancid – Silence Is The Only Rule 
03. Live By The Sword – Broken Voice 
04. Concrete Elite – Above The Rest

Side B: 
05. Hard Evidence – Drums Of War 
06. DDC – Nerves Of Steel 
07. Oxley’s Midnight Runners – American Made 
08. No Resistance – Just A Little Bit

Pressing Information

Pressing info: 
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400x silver 
200x ulta clear 
30x testpressing