Unruly Boys S/T 7" EP CCM EP

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CCM - 065

The debut EP from Unruly Boys has arrived, and is packed with the punch you've come to expect from this group of angry North Carolinians. Building on a foundation laid by such 80's US & UK heavyweights as Agnostic Front or Blitz; UB manages to add a modern touch and sense of urgency to that foundation, which keeps it interesting and relevant in 2017. This EP is filled with both lyrical venom and stomping rhythms that even the most jaded skinheadbangers, punks and slam thrashers can find something to cross their arms and grimace to.

Recorded by Rick Contes (YAITW), Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, and art by Nick TACM.

This is a co-release with Iron Forge Records!

Track Listing 
A Side: 
1. Judge, Jury, Execution 
2. Caveman 
B Slide: 
1.Low Standards 
2. Bloodshot 
3. Here for Collection

Pressing Information

300 Classic Black