The Jollars - Half Cut DISTRO CD

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The Jollars from Cork City, Republic of Ireland were formed after the breakup of the streetpunk band Cruibin and founded with the intention of representing the Oi! sound they love. Inspired by bands such as Runnin Riot (RIP Colin), Skint and The Steam Pig as well as Oi! pioneers like the Cockney Rejects, The Burial and The Oppressed, they set out to combine singalong melodies with pure impact, in a sound reminiscent of classic 80s Oi! but with their own individual twist.

1 Rebel Bootboys 
2 Mayo's Finest 
3 Wrathclyde 
4 Hang 'Em high 
5 The Fight 
6 We're Not Leaving 
7 The Gone Offie 
8 Tommy No Bobs 
9 The Oi! Father 
10 Thick Like Me 
11 Terraced Heaven