The Last Skinhead 1976 Book

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Following on from the popular Jay Mac Skinhead novels; Natural Born Skinhead 1971, Something to Do 1972 and Never a Dull Moment 1973, The Last Skinhead 1976 focuses on one of the trilogy’s principal characters, Patrick ‘Irish’ O’Hare as he tenaciously holds to his original Skinhead lifestyle, in the face of an entirely new youth movement and rapidly changing world. A chain of circumstances lead Irish into a dangerous criminal underworld where events soon spiral out of control and he is forced to become the employee of an organised crime family, whose dealings span both sides of the Atlantic. The desperate youth has to draw on all of his Skinhead resolve and well honed fighting skills, when confronted with equally vicious gangs in his native city and New York. Football, drinking, sex and violence remain the dominant factors in his life even as all around him alters beyond recognition and an emerging alternative youth culture contests for control of his home territory. With graphic scenes throughout, The Last Skinhead 1976 is an uncompromising tale of one determined youth’s brutal struggle against the odds, to beat the system and finally be free.