Skins by Gavin Watson Book

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Perhaps one of the most reviled yet misunderstood of all the youth subcultures, the skinhead look and lifestyle has returned to the very forefront of contemporary youth culture. While celebrities and athletes shave their heads for the red carpet, the underbelly of British youth culture has rediscovered the look which is now more fashionable than it has ever been. The single most important photographic record of this unique subculture is Gavin Watson's Skins, now proudly released as a brand new edition, complete with dozens of previously unpublished photographs and a new chapter. These black-and-white shots offer a fascinating glimpse into a skinhead community that was multi-cultural, tightly knit, and above all else, fiercely proud of their look. These are classic photographs of historical value.

  • Skinhead Black & White Picture book
  • British Cult Music
  • 144 Pages
  • Gavin Watson Cult Book
  • British Skinhead Scene