Oi! The Tape Vol 1 CCM Cassette

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When we started this series, people thought we were fuckin' nuts! 19 Bands, 38 Tracks, over 90 percent unreleased... and have it be good?! A few reviews are in, and the critics are floored at how much this tape kicks ass!

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19 Oi! Bands , 38 tracks of unreleased aggression! 105 Minutes!

Bad Assets 
The Butchers 
Charles Brigadge 
Down For Life 
The Fighting 48th 
The Hardknocks 
Lost Legion 
The Old Breed 
Ramblin' Firm 
Seaside Rebels 
The Short-Timers 
The Warlords 
Wolf Bites Boy 
The Young Idea


Track Listing

  1. A1 The Young Idea - Losing Season
  2. A2 The Old Breed - Disenfranchised
  3. A3 Riot Gun - 2 Dollar Pints
  4. A4 Down For Life - Lost Generation
  5. A5 Wartribe - Beware
  6. A6 The Hardknocks - Ten Hole Bootparty
  7. A7 Footsoldier - Bitches Ain't Shit
  8. A8 Ramblin' Firm - Les Capus
  9. A9 Seaside Rebels - Never Admit Defeat
  10. A10 Charles Brigade - Middle Class Man
  11. A11 The Butchers - Suicide
  12. A12 The Fighting 48th - Spitting Nails and Sipping Whiskey
  13. A13 Brassknuckle - The Boots Have Gone
  14. A14 Warlords - Stand Strong
  15. A15 Degeneration - I Hate Your Mustache
  16. A16 Bad Assets - Days Of Yesterday
  17. A17 The Short-Timers - ADCK
  18. A18 Wolf Bites Boy - Working For The Man
  19. A19 Lost Legion - Getting Old
  20. B1 The Hardknocks - It's In Our Blood
  21. B2 Wolf Bites Boy - Choices
  22. B3 Bad Assets - I Don't Wanna Work Today
  23. B4 Seaside Rebels - No Place Like Home
  24. B5 The Warlords - Revolution Now
  25. B6 Lost Legion - These Terrible Days of September
  26. B7 The Fighting 48th - Hard Fast Life
  27. B8 Degeneration - 8lbs A Week
  28. B9 The Young Idea - I Wanna Live (Ramones)
  29. B10 Down For Life - Not Your Time
  30. B11 Ramblin' Firm - Rhum Cafe
  31. B12 The Old Breed - 48 After 40
  32. B13 The Short Timers - Dead End Riot
  33. B14 Brassknuckle - Lies
  34. B15 Charles Brigade - Generazione 15 (Featuring Iora of Tulamore)
  35. B16 The Butchers - The Beginning Of The End (Cockney Rejects)
  36. B17 Wartribe - They'll Say Anything
  37. B18 Footsoldier - Stomp Out Extremism
  38. B19 Riotgun - Reclaimed

Pressing Information

Green x 100 (Band Color) 
Blue x 50 (Mail Order Color) 
Purple x 150 
Red x 200