Crucified - Life in a Skinhead Band

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Retaliator,' a skinhead band, was formed in the mid 1990's in the run down increasingly dilapidated and violent Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth on England's east coast and set out to tear away the shackles of so-called political correctness that bound the scene so tightly, systematically suffocating it to death, choking off patriotism and passion, slowly killing the fire that had once burned so brightly and fiercely within the hearts of the fans; the very lifeblood of the scene. This book is a first-hand account of the band's long embattled bitter struggle and will take you on a chaotic and often quite ridiculous roller-coaster ride as they diligently fight their way out of the wilderness, or Norfolk as it's often known, into the harsh unforgiving limelight of the murky world of Oi! music.
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