Demented Are Go - Orgasmic Nightmare DISTRO LP

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Demented Are Go - Orgasmic Nightmare

Originally released by the legendary rockabilly / psychobilly label Fury Records in 1991, DEMENTED ARE GO’s “Orgasmic Nightmare” is brought back to life again for all you cellar beasts and demon angels! Twelve tracks of 100% psychobilly mayhem for all you stompers and wreckers out there! Classic!

Side A 
01. Orgasmic Nightmare 
02. Beast In The Cellar 
03. House Of Blood 
04. Now She’s Dead 
05. Clitoris Bite Boogie 
06. Love Is Like Electrocution

Side B 
01. Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs 
02. Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore 
03. Nightlife 
04. Anal Wonderland 
05. Demon Angel 
06. Straight Jacket

Pressing Information

2nd Repress: 
300x Toxic green