Never a Dull Moment - 1973 Book

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Never a Dull Moment 1973 is the long awaited sequel to the international selling Something to Do 1972. It is the continuing graphic story of a group of working class youths, who are all loosely unified by their membership of a large, urban, Skinhead gang. Set in the Liverpool of 1973 and located both on a number of bleak, sprawling housing estates and the City Centre, the action ranges from the seemingly innocuous to the extremes of sadistic violence, including that of a sexual nature. Although Jay Mac, the central character, his friends from the Crown Estate and his enemies from the vast Kings Estate all remain true to their original Skinhead style, they are increasingly aware that their distinctive look is rapidly becoming outdated. As they evolve from Skinhead through Suedehead to Boot Boy, so too a new deadly trend begins to emerge, the widespread use of increasingly harder drugs. Throughout the story, their circumscribed world; the fashion, the music, the sex and the aggression is vividly portrayed, as their brutal tale unfolds en route to its dramatic conclusion.