Natural Born Skinhead 1971 Book

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Natural Born Skinhead - 1971 is the much requested prequel to the popular novels Something to Do - 1972 and Never a Dull Moment - 1973. Taking the story back to the origin of the Skinhead movement and vividly portraying the fashion, the music, the sex and the violence of their aggressive lifestyle, this book provides an explicit account of one gang’s brutal struggle to overcome their enemies and be recognised as the top crew. Set in the Liverpool of 1971, the Skinhead youths of the bleak housing estate must embody the spirit of ’69 when they face their rivals, or lose everything they value. Alone amongst them, one of their number, considered an outsider, will assume any challenge and risk all to be accepted, to become part of the team and be somebody. With incidents of violent action, dark humour and shocking, graphic realism throughout, Natural Born Skinhead - 1971 tells it as it was.